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Saturday 9 May 2015 – Post Election thoughts

Well it has been a long 6 weeks. So much so, that here on Saturday morning, I have this eerie feeling that I should be heading off somewhere to do some canvassing. The days are quite long on the campaign trail, I was rarely home before 8 pm and often much later. It’s quite physically [...]

Tuesday 5 May – Our new leaflet for Bedlington hits the streets

Just before the Make A Noise protest on Saturday, the Labour Party distributed a black and white leaflet throughout Bedlington, basically suggesting everything was now all arranged. Another reading would be “job done, now please get back in your box and shut up”. I paraphrase, naturally, but it’s not an unfair interpretation. Now I’ve seen [...]

Monday 4 May – Last exhausting week

If anyone thinks being a politician is in any way glamorous, they are welcome to join us here in Wansbeck. I and other members of Wansbeck Conservatives were out delivering from 10 am to 7 pm today, with only a brief lemonade and a packet of crisps for lunch. The weather was extra kind to [...]

Sunday 3 May – Make A Noise and the BBC

Yesterday something like 1,000 protestors took peacefully (OK, noisily, but you know what I mean) to the streets of Bedlington to Make A Noise. The outgoing MP was there, I was there, UKIP was there, the local priests, their congregations, a brass band, a calypso band, old people, young people, people in their wheelchairs, people [...]

Saturday 2 May – We Made A Noise For Bedlington!

What a day! I will never forget the inaugural Bedlington Day – Saturday 2 May 2015. Over a thousand people were there to make a noise for Bedlington and what a noise it was. The church bells were drowned out by the cacophony. Whistles, vuvuzelas, brass band, calypso band, car horns, sirens, and a few [...]