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Thursday 11 May – Leaked Labour manifesto

To some extent I don’t know why I’m commenting on the leaked Labour manifesto, reported on The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and the BBC. It is such a fantasy that there is no realistic danger of this document being implemented: there just isn’t the money to do it.
What is more revealing is that clearly someone [...]

Monday 8 May 2017 – Time for Wansbeck to go Conservative

This is a vital election for Wansbeck.
Last week Wansbeck Conservatives had their best ever result in the Northumberland County Council. Northumberland had one of the highest swings to the Conservatives. Moreover in Wansbeck specifically, Labour had one of its worst performances ever. Their share of the vote fell from 50% in 2015 to 38% in [...]

Tuesday 5 May – Our new leaflet for Bedlington hits the streets

Just before the Make A Noise protest on Saturday, the Labour Party distributed a black and white leaflet throughout Bedlington, basically suggesting everything was now all arranged. Another reading would be “job done, now please get back in your box and shut up”. I paraphrase, naturally, but it’s not an unfair interpretation. Now I’ve seen [...]

Tuesday 21 April – On board with Chris Galley poster!

The nautical (and indeed aviation) puns didn’t come from me. However if you want your very own Wansbeck Conservatives poster – and you have a lot of blue toner in your printer – here’s your gizzit! Click on the link below for our PDF poster.
On_board_with_Chris Galley

Monday 6 April: End of lambing

Somewhat earlier than expected, I’m fairly close to finishing off lambing, I’m now down to just a
handful of ewes who haven’t yet given birth to their lambs, and all but one of them is an experienced mother. So the pressure is off.
Except, of course, for the orphan lambs, well the abandoned lambs would be slightly [...]

Chinese New Year: Year of the Ram

Today is the Chinese New Year, a big occasion out in Asia. It’s also the Year of the Ram, so here is a picture of my main tup, Shaftoe, taken earlier today – he enjoys having his blaze rubbed. He is a big lad, he weighs more than me!

And for the Chinese heritage residents of [...]

Sunday 15 February – Worrying Ofsted reports for Ashington High School

The local media is reporting that Ashington High School has received an advance copy of an Ofsted report, placing the school in Special Measures. This implies Ofsted’s overall Ranking for the school was the lowest, namely “Inadequate”. A very worrying outcome and urgent corrective action is going to be needed. The whole community will need [...]

Sunday 21 December – Selected for Wansbeck!

On Friday night I was delighted and honoured to be voted as the Conservative Party’s candidate for Wansbeck and Morpeth. You can see the press release here on the Association’s website. The selection meeting was held upstairs at the Conservative Club in Morpeth (photo here from the MCUC website).
As I said in my opening speech, [...]

Monday 4 February – New DEFRA fund for rural jobs

As alluded to on my blog last Friday, today the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has announced a £20 million package of specialist training for aspiring business people in rural areas. £12 million of this is available for new projects, and is the sort of thing that can help to keep young [...]

Saturday 2 February – Calcutta Cup

Better Together is the group campaigning to retain Scotland in the United Kingdom, and I am a member and supporter of it. Today saw one of the manifestions of the links that bind our two nations, the Calcutta Cup, which has been run 120 times and is arguably the longest running annual sporting encounter in existence. [...]

Friday 1 February – Keeping young people in rural areas

At the Executive last Saturday, where I was selected as a finalist for the Open Primary on 8 February, one of the questions I was asked was “What would you do to help keep young people living and working in rural areas?” This is a very real issue in North Northumberland – there is a [...]

Friday 1 February – Thropton leafleting

We have crucial County Council elections in Northumberland in May 2013. One of the battlegrounds is Rothbury, which is currently held by an independent Liberal Democrat. Such is the battleground that Danny Alexander, the LibDem Chief Secretary to the Treasury, got wheeled out to this particular corner of Northumberland a few weeks ago.
We are fortunate to have [...]

Tuesday 29 January – In the Journal

So it’s made the newspapers. Or the Newcastle Journal at least.
The Open Primary has generated a lot of interest and some 300 people have put their names down to participate.  Anyone can come along to this meeting, so long as you are a voter in the Berwick upon Tweed constituency, which cover the are from Berwick [...]

Saturday 26 January – Shortlisted for Berwick

After a nerve wracking afternoon at the Blue Bell Hotel in Belford, I made it through to the final of the Berwick Open Primary. We had to do a 5 minute speech in front of the Berwick upon Tweed Conservative Association’s Executive Committee, then go through a question and answer session. At the end of [...]

Westerhope By Election – Saturday Action Day

Calling all Conservatives! We have an important by election for Newcastle upon Tyne Council coming up, and an Action Day on Saturday 4 June. Meet at the back of Aston House, Redburn Road, Newcastle NE5 1NB at 10 am. It will be a canvassing and leafleting day. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have [...]