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Thursday 13 May – Shape of the new

What a week, and an outcome no-one predicted. My overseas friends are somewhat surprised that a deal was sorted out so quickly. It took Angela Merkel the best part of 40 days to get her first terms negotiated.
One of the few odd moments in our Hexham campaign was a young lad, with presumably Liberal Democrat [...]

Friday 7 May – a bittersweet victory

Up at 6 am, and to the terrible news that Wendy Morton had not succeeded in winning Tynemouth. She is a good friend and would have been a wonderful MP. She worked remorselessly in trying to win over the voters, but it simply didn’t work out. Other results confirm that we are heading to a [...]

Friday 16 April – Along the Tyne Valley

Canvassing everywhere it feels. First off was Wylam, then Ovington. After that I went with Guy, Fiona and Bev to Ovingham, before ending up in Horsley.
Then we did one good canvassing chunk of Corbridge with the assistance of this motley crew! Plus a camera shy Penelope. Lovely warm day, tanned if not burnt.

Thursday 15 April – Exclusive: No excitement in Corbridge

Not many orgies in Corbridge, or so Guy Opperman was told today by an 85 year old resident, and who are we to challenge that? Location will remain anonymous to protect the guilty, and I am sure Guy’s blog will tell us more in due course. And not many Liberal Democrats either, it would appear, [...]

Monday 12 April – the tall man

I guess Chris Grayling gets fed up of people commenting on his height, but he really is tall. He is also cool, cerebral and likeable, particularly on a one to one basis. Today I was asked to take the shadow Home Secretary around the North East, which we did at break-neck speed.
First stop was Alnwick, [...]

Saturday 10 April – one dog too many

I spent the whole day in Prudhoe. Now this is unlikely territory for us, but we rolled in with 18 helpers and got 85% of the town leafletted and canvassed. Not sure where the other parties were, not much evidence of them on the ground. I was with a team of 6 and we really [...]

Friday 9 April – Nick Herbert and Northumberland

One enormous privilege I have already had out of this election campaign has been to take shadow cabinet ministers around the area. For a number of reasons I was particularly pleased that Nick Herbert was able to visit Belsay and then Berwick, speaking at farmers’ meetings in both locations. Nick is the shadow secretary of state for [...]

Wednesday 7 April – the one and only

Today we finish off Otterburn and Tarset. The weather is very pleasant and I meet a few residents pottering around in their gardens, or farmers busy with lambing. I’ve been asking whether our leaflet is the first one to get out, and everytime we’ve beaten the competition, so far at least. One local character, when I [...]