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Thursday 13 May – Shape of the new

What a week, and an outcome no-one predicted. My overseas friends are somewhat surprised that a deal was sorted out so quickly. It took Angela Merkel the best part of 40 days to get her first terms negotiated.
One of the few odd moments in our Hexham campaign was a young lad, with presumably Liberal Democrat [...]

Thursday 6 May – Election Day

This is it – Election Day. I go to my polling station to vote at exactly 7 am when it opens. Not surprisingly I am the first voter. It is one of England’s smallest polling station in terms of electors, but there are quite a few in that category in the Hexham constituency.
Afterwards I head [...]

Monday 3 May – Tories 7, Labour 4, LibDem 0

This is the weekend round up. On Saturday we spent the morning in Ovingham and Wylam, and the afternoon at the top end of Hexham’s Beaumont Park. Sundays have been frowned about in Tory circles. I can well remember as a kid seeing Tory campaign calenders with Sundays blocked out with the phrase “Dies non” and [...]

Thursday 29 April – Photo ops

One of the things that make elections so interesting is when something happens quickly. Believe or not, the picture shown left was almost a spontaneous demonstration! The back story is that we had planned for Theresa Villiers (Shadow Transport Secretary) to visit us possibly next Monday to talk about the A1. The Conservatives have promised [...]

Wed 28 April – Strange times

On a number of fronts it has been a strange few days. Yesterday I was in Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk (BRS) constituency, which is just over the border from me in Scotland. Currently held by the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative candidate John Lamont is hoping to win the seat, and there’s certainly a lot going [...]

Monday 26 April – Over the hills and far away

Today I’ve been campaigning for Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who is standing as the Conservative candidate against Sir Alan Beith in Berwick upon Tweed. This is (like Hexham) a massive constituency, it takes multiple hours to get from one corner to the other. My canvasss and leaflet round was based on the left hand side of the [...]

Saturday 24 April – the strange absence of the footsoldiers

On Friday we packed off to Carlisle to help out John Stevenson, who is fighting to win Carlisle off Labour – we call it mutual assistance. We canvassed a lot of houses, but it was only a small chunk of what seemed like a huge estate. Being Tories, we benefit from top flight canvass board managers, [...]

Thursday 22 April – To the Abbey

Today’s highlight was undoubtedly the Hexham Abbey hustings. Personally I also greatly enjoyed the Sung Evensong beforehand, using the Book of Common Prayer. The language of that service is familiar to many, many generations of my family. There’s a line in it towards the end: “by Thy great mercy defend us from all perils and dangers [...]

Wed 21 April – Secrets of canvassing

The secrets of canvassing won’t be revealed here. Other than that we use various letters to describe voters. So C is Conservative, P for potential Conservative, L for Liberal and so on. Labour’s code letter is S, as in Socialist, which sounds perversely quaint now. Actually those who get an S in this election’s canvass [...]

Tuesday 20 April – Difficult parrot

I know this will get more feedback than any other picture I put up this week. I’m a dog lover in a big way, and this puppy is the latest addition to the farm. She has the working title of Precious, and is now 6 weeks old. She spends her whole time sleeping or eating, [...]

Monday 19 April – Don’t forget the camera

Today’s crowd of supporters come from Ogle, which is not one of the larger villages, so it didn’t take long to get the place canvassed. It was deceptively cold this morning and so we were glad that mugs of coffee in the heated conservatory were laid on, though I managed to leave my camera there [...]

Saturday 17 April – Velkomin til Íslands

Given my taxi services to the Tory frontbench, I’ve been – let’s say – a bit more careful about keeping my car spick and span of late. One friend of mine saw it in the back of a regional TV news bulletin and rang me up: “Have you bought another new car?! It’s very shiny.” So last night [...]

Friday 16 April – Along the Tyne Valley

Canvassing everywhere it feels. First off was Wylam, then Ovington. After that I went with Guy, Fiona and Bev to Ovingham, before ending up in Horsley.
Then we did one good canvassing chunk of Corbridge with the assistance of this motley crew! Plus a camera shy Penelope. Lovely warm day, tanned if not burnt.

Thursday 15 April – Exclusive: No excitement in Corbridge

Not many orgies in Corbridge, or so Guy Opperman was told today by an 85 year old resident, and who are we to challenge that? Location will remain anonymous to protect the guilty, and I am sure Guy’s blog will tell us more in due course. And not many Liberal Democrats either, it would appear, [...]

Wednesday 14 April – length and breadth

Here’s is today gratuitous shadow minister shot, Jim Paice, shadow Minister of Agriculture.  This came at Darlington Station at the end of a long, long day of driving, from Berwick down to the North Riding of Yorkshire, and quite a few points in between. There were 4 farms involved, all very different from each other. The [...]

Tuesday 13 April – Manifesto launch party

By popular request (well one person has asked me), here is a sheep picture. Knowing about the general election likely timings, I sent the tups (rams) in a few weeks early, to get the lambing out of the way. This is my main Zwartbles tup, Poseidon. Quite a hefty character. One down side of early lambing [...]

Monday 12 April – the tall man

I guess Chris Grayling gets fed up of people commenting on his height, but he really is tall. He is also cool, cerebral and likeable, particularly on a one to one basis. Today I was asked to take the shadow Home Secretary around the North East, which we did at break-neck speed.
First stop was Alnwick, [...]