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Monday 27 April – The Weather in Northumberland…..

So earlier today I was delivering leaflets off Church Lane in Bedlington (and other places) in a T shirt, windows down on the car. Then this evening we have had some of the heaviest snow of the year! It hasn’t come out in the photo but the clouds here were dark and angry.
I got some [...]

Monday 6 April: End of lambing

Somewhat earlier than expected, I’m fairly close to finishing off lambing, I’m now down to just a
handful of ewes who haven’t yet given birth to their lambs, and all but one of them is an experienced mother. So the pressure is off.
Except, of course, for the orphan lambs, well the abandoned lambs would be slightly [...]

Chinese New Year: Year of the Ram

Today is the Chinese New Year, a big occasion out in Asia. It’s also the Year of the Ram, so here is a picture of my main tup, Shaftoe, taken earlier today – he enjoys having his blaze rubbed. He is a big lad, he weighs more than me!

And for the Chinese heritage residents of [...]

Monday 26 April – Over the hills and far away

Today I’ve been campaigning for Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who is standing as the Conservative candidate against Sir Alan Beith in Berwick upon Tweed. This is (like Hexham) a massive constituency, it takes multiple hours to get from one corner to the other. My canvasss and leaflet round was based on the left hand side of the [...]

Tuesday 13 April – Manifesto launch party

By popular request (well one person has asked me), here is a sheep picture. Knowing about the general election likely timings, I sent the tups (rams) in a few weeks early, to get the lambing out of the way. This is my main Zwartbles tup, Poseidon. Quite a hefty character. One down side of early lambing [...]

Friday 9 October – working everywhere

The day after the night before.
Today I had to do some “real” work for a change, so I lugged my laptop from Kelso, Langholm and then on to Longtown, meeting suppliers and their agents. This gave me the chance to go down the A7, a really beautiful stretch of road through the Scottish and then [...]

Thursday 10 September – Westmorland Show

A fantastic day for the Westmorland County Agricultural Show. This is the 21oth show, the society dates back to 1799, and even though the county exists no more, the County Show goes on in rude health.
I like this show since it can be seen as either a big small show, or a small big show. [...]

Monday 31 August – home dagging

Last day of August. Yikes! This is a bonus day, I was supposed to be playing rugby today, but other things got in the way. Instead I got even more exhausted dealing with my rams.
Somehow I’ve got 11 rams at the moment. That’s an outrageous number, 2 is generally considered greedy. OK some of them [...]

Saturday 29 August – Carlisle and home

The last few days have been hectic. On the downside, Border Park has unfortunately had to cancel its Tens competition, scheduled for Monday. Try as hard as we might it was impossible to get enough teams to enter. The overwhelming reason given (to me at least) was that with most clubs having their first game [...]