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Sunday 25 October – Open Primary

Well it was not my night at the Primary for Penrith and the Border in Penrith Mart. Congratulations to Rory Stewart for his victory, he’s got a fantastic seat to represent and I wish him well. It was an interesting experience for me, there are things that I can learn from it. I am (curiously) relieved rather than [...]

Friday 24 October – Final day on the road

The day ends at 8 pm, rather later than I had planned, with canvassing around Wigton and Caldbeck. In the last 10 days I’ve met 218 potential voters on the doorstep, though not all of them are able to devote 5 hours of their Sunday to the Primary – and I don’t blame them. I’ve [...]

Thursday 23 October – On the roof

Today’s picture is of Castle Sowerby church just by Hutton Roof. It’s quite an isolated and magic spot, with the view onto Carrock Fell behind. The church is dedicated to St. Kentigern, which is itself was unusual at least to my eyes.
The rest of the day was spent around Great Sakeld, I got very lost at one point even [...]

Wednesday 21 October – inevitable Highland cow photo

 This was indeed inevitable as a photo shoot, these have their home by Corby Hill. I’ve seen them before but they always been at the wrong end of the field, but not today. Other places on the SatNav today were Irthington, Warwick Bridge, Brampton, How, Castle Carrock, Lazonby, Patterdale, Penrith, Dacre and one of the Newbiggins [...]

Monday 19 October – castle spotting

Today I’ve been to Lanercost, Brampton, Warwick Bridge, Shap, Penrith, Newby and Great Salkeld - all in one day. And also Great Strickland, where a herd of 100 dairy cows gets walked through the middle of the village twice daily for milking. The farmer considered himself lucky that he also had sheep - they are currently keeping him [...]

Saturday 17 October – Bring back Sunday mail collections!

I had to get some material into the post today. Up here in the sticks the final Saturday collection - alright the only collection – is at 11:15 am, and it’s not unusual for it to be collected early. Right, I thought, I’m campaigning in Corby Hill later, so why not dash into Carlisle and post [...]

Friday 16 October – Penrith Playhouse

At long last we candidates are officially allowed to campaign!
Not that I did very much of that today, in the final analysis. However I did meet David Maclean MP in the George, Penrith this afternoon. He was in town for his surgery and fellow candidate Christine Emmett and I were able to introduce ourselves to David; [...]

Wednesday 14 October – In the footsteps of William Whitelaw

The George is an august (in fact the august) hotel and watering hole in the centre of Penrith. The staff there, drawn from many nationalities, are particularly competent and friendly, the venue still harks back to an elegant past. The phone book on the reception desk is not the most up to date – in [...]

Tuesday 13 October – Patterdale and Glenridding

A trip out to the hills, and here are the photos. This one with Rupert is from Kirkstone Pass. I don’t think it is possible to exaggerate the beauty of Lake District, and this is one of the many amazing views.

And this is me in Patterdale with a friendly pony:

Friday 9 October – working everywhere

The day after the night before.
Today I had to do some “real” work for a change, so I lugged my laptop from Kelso, Langholm and then on to Longtown, meeting suppliers and their agents. This gave me the chance to go down the A7, a really beautiful stretch of road through the Scottish and then [...]

Thursday 8 October – midnight in Penrith Town Hall

Not a good time for the Conservatives, not a good time for our man, David Whipp, though he managed to hide his disappointment. The by-election votes were swiftly and efficiently counted by the staff of Eden Council, who got the result declared around 11:15 pm.
Liberal Democrats 387 – elected
Conservatives 157
BNP 102
Independent 58
Labour 26
Green 18.
The turn out was 31.8%, which [...]

Thursday 8 October – Penrith Rec.

An early start for me. This is what it is all about, the bottom line in politics:

This is the polling station on the Rec. in Castletown where I spent a somewhat chilly morning “telling”. This is the process of finding out who has voted and allows the parties to focus their efforts on getting non voters out, [...]

Wednesday 7 October – Penrith West – last day

Today was the final day of campaigning in the Eden District Council by-election for Penrith West. Before going on the stump I sat in on the Licensing Committee meeting in the Town Hall. The Committee Chairman, Cllr Roy Fisher went out of his way to make me welcome. It was actually particularly interesting on a [...]

Monday 5 October – campaigning in Penrith

Today’s campaign hero is Cooper, who we met this afternoon when campaigning for David Whipp in Penrith West.

Cooper is a Bearded Dragon, and according to his owner, mainly interested in food and sleep, in roughly that order. It was certainly a beautiful day for it, and we ended up outside a café drinking tea and [...]

Saturday 3 October – Wind turbines near Shap

I spent an interesting afternoon in the company of Cllr Joan Raine. Yet again my rugby game was cancelled by the opposition (it would have been our first ever fixture with that particular club, so they didn’t get off to a good start!). Instead I visited Kirkby Stephens – I am familiar with the Mart, [...]

Tuesday 29 September – campaigning in Penrith

Today I was on the road with David Whipp, who is standing for the Eden District Council by-election in Penrith West. It’s not an easy seat, it was held by an Independent beforehand, but judging from the postive noises on the door-step, David has an excellent chance of winning.
Earlier I had an excellent home-made quiche [...]

Thursday 10 September – Westmorland Show

A fantastic day for the Westmorland County Agricultural Show. This is the 21oth show, the society dates back to 1799, and even though the county exists no more, the County Show goes on in rude health.
I like this show since it can be seen as either a big small show, or a small big show. [...]