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Saturday 9 May 2015 – Post Election thoughts

Well it has been a long 6 weeks. So much so, that here on Saturday morning, I have this eerie feeling that I should be heading off somewhere to do some canvassing. The days are quite long on the campaign trail, I was rarely home before 8 pm and often much later. It’s quite physically [...]

Sunday 3 May – Make A Noise and the BBC

Yesterday something like 1,000 protestors took peacefully (OK, noisily, but you know what I mean) to the streets of Bedlington to Make A Noise. The outgoing MP was there, I was there, UKIP was there, the local priests, their congregations, a brass band, a calypso band, old people, young people, people in their wheelchairs, people [...]

Saturday 2 May – We Made A Noise For Bedlington!

What a day! I will never forget the inaugural Bedlington Day – Saturday 2 May 2015. Over a thousand people were there to make a noise for Bedlington and what a noise it was. The church bells were drowned out by the cacophony. Whistles, vuvuzelas, brass band, calypso band, car horns, sirens, and a few [...]

Wednesday 29 April – Two sides of the same coin

Yesterday I made another visit to Bedlington Market Place, and it has occurred to me that it may be worth trying to put into pictures the difficulties in the town centre, for the benefit of anyone who hasn’t made a recent visit.
So as is well known Tesco closed their prime centre of Front Street / [...]

Monday 27 April – The Weather in Northumberland…..

So earlier today I was delivering leaflets off Church Lane in Bedlington (and other places) in a T shirt, windows down on the car. Then this evening we have had some of the heaviest snow of the year! It hasn’t come out in the photo but the clouds here were dark and angry.
I got some [...]

Sunday 26 April – Tories in Ashington

When I mentioned to some friends yesterday that I would be campaigning for the Tories in Ashington today, I got some ribald comments and unhelpful suggestions!
But actually all went very well, I even got a few thumbs ups. Ashington does have several thousand non Labour voters, and they are there for the intrepid candidate. I [...]

Friday 24 April – Meeting the organisers of Make A Noise for Bedlington

This evening I – and the chairman of Wansbeck Conservatives, Richard Wearmouth – had the pleasure of meeting the two organisers of Make A Noise for Bedlington, Wendy and Brian, at the Red Lion.
It was a very useful meeting and we exchanged ideas and suggestions, as well as questioning us on our approach. I told [...]

Wednesday 22 April – Our Manifesto for Bedlington

I have had another day pounding the streets of Bedlington,around the Station end mainly, and getting a good reception on the doorstep – the good weather is getting a lot of gardening done! Bedlington Station is actually in an even worse position than the town centre, which is no mean feat. There are some useful [...]

Monday 20 April – Make A Noise for Bedlington

Today I was out delivering my newsletter around Bedlington. You can download your own copy here (PDF format). The headline reads: “Bedlington: Time for a fair deal”. This relates to the truly shocking deterioration of the town centre. The shopping centre was once the pride of the town, but it has been going downhill very [...]

Monday 13 April – A hedge in Bedlington with a tall story

I’ve been campaigning on this issue, and highlighted it in leaflets being distributed around Bedlington, but I think it deserves a wider audience.
This building site is in Bedlington, by Gallagher Park. Persimmon is building 33 dwellings at the end of Slaley Court, off Hirst Head. There’s a bridlepath that runs from the back of the [...]