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Tuesday 9 May – Officially a candidate for election

Today I went with Anne-Marie Trevelyan, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Berwick upon Tweed, to County Hall to get our nominations in for the elections. The Elections staff go through the paperwork (7 pages of it) line by line, carefully checking all the details. The awkward bit is checking the electoral numbers of those [...]

Saturday 18 April – Rothbury mutual aid

This is me with Anne-Marie Trevelyan, friends and supporters campaigning in Rothbury this morning.  There are a number of other candidate MPs in this photo, notably my next-door neighbour in Blyth Valley, Greg Munro. In the Conservative Party if you are on the Candidates List you are expected to do some “mutual aid” for other [...]

Friday 7 May – a bittersweet victory

Up at 6 am, and to the terrible news that Wendy Morton had not succeeded in winning Tynemouth. She is a good friend and would have been a wonderful MP. She worked remorselessly in trying to win over the voters, but it simply didn’t work out. Other results confirm that we are heading to a [...]

Thursday 29 April – Photo ops

One of the things that make elections so interesting is when something happens quickly. Believe or not, the picture shown left was almost a spontaneous demonstration! The back story is that we had planned for Theresa Villiers (Shadow Transport Secretary) to visit us possibly next Monday to talk about the A1. The Conservatives have promised [...]

Wed 28 April – Strange times

On a number of fronts it has been a strange few days. Yesterday I was in Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk (BRS) constituency, which is just over the border from me in Scotland. Currently held by the Liberal Democrats, the Conservative candidate John Lamont is hoping to win the seat, and there’s certainly a lot going [...]

Monday 26 April – Over the hills and far away

Today I’ve been campaigning for Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who is standing as the Conservative candidate against Sir Alan Beith in Berwick upon Tweed. This is (like Hexham) a massive constituency, it takes multiple hours to get from one corner to the other. My canvasss and leaflet round was based on the left hand side of the [...]

Tuesday 20 April – Difficult parrot

I know this will get more feedback than any other picture I put up this week. I’m a dog lover in a big way, and this puppy is the latest addition to the farm. She has the working title of Precious, and is now 6 weeks old. She spends her whole time sleeping or eating, [...]

Wednesday 14 April – length and breadth

Here’s is today gratuitous shadow minister shot, Jim Paice, shadow Minister of Agriculture.  This came at Darlington Station at the end of a long, long day of driving, from Berwick down to the North Riding of Yorkshire, and quite a few points in between. There were 4 farms involved, all very different from each other. The [...]

Tuesday 13 April – Manifesto launch party

By popular request (well one person has asked me), here is a sheep picture. Knowing about the general election likely timings, I sent the tups (rams) in a few weeks early, to get the lambing out of the way. This is my main Zwartbles tup, Poseidon. Quite a hefty character. One down side of early lambing [...]

Monday 12 April – the tall man

I guess Chris Grayling gets fed up of people commenting on his height, but he really is tall. He is also cool, cerebral and likeable, particularly on a one to one basis. Today I was asked to take the shadow Home Secretary around the North East, which we did at break-neck speed.
First stop was Alnwick, [...]

Friday 9 April – Nick Herbert and Northumberland

One enormous privilege I have already had out of this election campaign has been to take shadow cabinet ministers around the area. For a number of reasons I was particularly pleased that Nick Herbert was able to visit Belsay and then Berwick, speaking at farmers’ meetings in both locations. Nick is the shadow secretary of state for [...]