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Saturday 25 April – Conservatives Winning Here!

I was told today that I was the only Parliamentary Candidate playing rugby this weekend. I don’t know if this was in the North East or England, but anyway here I am – the photo taken before the game. I play for Border Park, which is effectively a village team, albeit a number of villages. It’s incredibly hard to get a team out, we draw our players from a very sparsely populated area with generally an ageing population. But I and the other members of Border Park are determined to keep the sport, and indeed culture of rugby going, here in Northumberland. Today was a good day, we got 16 players and loaned one to the oppo, which was terrific.¬†RugbySat25Apr

I’m by far the oldest player in the team, the youngsters have studies and jobs to attend to, and truth be told, some of them can’t afford to play rugby every Saturday, in terms of lost wages. And of course that issue goes back to the formation of Rugby League versus my own code of Rugby Union. I play as a prop, which is one of the least popular positions in the team, which I truly have never understood, but without props there can be no scrums, so it’s important that I turn out to play. At least the last few weeks of the election campaign has been good physical training. I’ve been playing rugby since I was 12 years old, and I’m not ready to stop yet!

Today we won very handsomely, 62-22 against West End, in other words Westerhope in Newcastle. West End play in a very Tory blue jerseys, and Westerhope is the home to our regional campaign centre for the North East. It was an odd game. We got 3 tries over the line in the first 3 minutes, and West End took a huge time to get into their stride. Which they did eventually, and they became very competitive in their forward play (I think they may have won the second half). But it was too late, Border had got their revenge in first. In other words West End played like Border Park normally plays!

And just in case anyone was wondering: I did spend my morning campaigning in the pouring rain until the canvass cards turned into papier maché, as well as delivering leaflets for Guy Opperman after the game too!

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