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Monday 26 April – Over the hills and far away

IMG_4492compToday I’ve been campaigning for Anne-Marie Trevelyan, who is standing as the Conservative candidate against Sir Alan Beith in Berwick upon Tweed. This is (like Hexham) a massive constituency, it takes multiple hours to get from one corner to the other. My canvasss and leaflet round was based on the left hand side of the constituency about half way down and involves some of England’s most isolated voters. For starters, we still have snow on the hills. IMG_4494compSecondly the distances between each voter can be up to 8 miles apart. This photo being the most extreme case, only accessible by a 4×4 and a powerful one at that. Luckily this particular voter is “one of us”.

One big help today is that it is rubbish collection day, so I was able to locate houses that need leaflets by the wheelie bins. The other clues include following the overhead telephone wires.  A lot of homes around here are second homes or weekend lettings. The worst case I had today being Alwinton, where about half the houses no longer have a voter in them. What’s worse, some people do register at their second home. It’s a bit of red letter day since the postal votes have started to be delivered, so in one real sense polling has started.

One light relief has been a nifty idea by Hexham Cinema. Each of the early declared candidates has been asked to come up with a favourite film to be shown on successive nights at the Forum, which the candidate can then introduce. Guy Opperman’s film was The Shawshank Redemption, playing into his deeply held concerns about prison policy, and a cracking film to boot.

The other candidates’ choices are interesting. In the case of Antoine Tinnion (Labour) it is The Third Man (based on the novel by Graham Greene). Dr Ford (Independent) was suitably zany yesterday with Dr. Strangelove. And you’d never guess this, Andrew Duffield (LD) has gone for The End of Poverty – Think Again.

On one poll we are already ahead! More punters at the cinema than Dr. Ford!