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Wed 21 April – Secrets of canvassing

The secrets of canvassing won’t be revealed here. Other than that we use various letters to describe voters. So C is Conservative, P for potential Conservative, L for Liberal and so on. Labour’s code letter is S, as in Socialist, which sounds perversely quaint now. Actually those who get an S in this election’s canvass generally are Socialists, I rather suspect that social democrats are  now voting with their feets.

Earlier on in this campaign I knocked on a door, it swung open and before I could even breath in, the householder imperiously barked “Two Cs and one P, now get cracking on the rest of the estate”. Clearly a current or former activist who fully appreciated our need to get as much ground covered as possible. If it is properly organised it is possible for a canvasser to talk to well over a hundred voters in a couple of hours.

I mention that incident since this evening I inadvertently canvassed one house – “Can we count on your support?” I asked the smiling householder. Her reply was “Oh I would have thought so, since I am chairman of the Corbridge branch of the Conservative Party”. Perhaps I need to do more homework.

No photo today, just didn’t find a good opportunity, so you’ll have to take my word for it that we canvassed Stocksfield, Acomb, Corbridge twice, Catton and several parts of Hexham. At least 14 canvassers were involved, which isn’t bad for a mid week. At one point we had 3 canvass teams working simultaneously in 3 separate parts of the constituency.

Guy Opperman was doing a pub meeting in Catton, afterwards he seemed to be very happy with the outcome, though 2 plus hours is a long time on the stump.