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Tuesday 13 April – Manifesto launch party

IMG_4243compBy popular request (well one person has asked me), here is a sheep picture. Knowing about the general election likely timings, I sent the tups (rams) in a few weeks early, to get the lambing out of the way. This is my main Zwartbles tup, Poseidon. Quite a hefty character. One down side of early lambing is that the grass up here is not really rich enough for the grazing ewes, so they get supplementary food, mainly for protein.  Most of my lambs seem huge compared to my neighbours, but they did have  a head start.

Afterwards I smartened myself, went canvassing in Corbridge for a couple of hours. Then I went over to help out with the launch of the Conservative Party’s manifesto in the North East, which was held by Tynemouth. First off was collecting Caroline Spelman, the shadow secretary of state for local government, from Newcastle’s heliport (which is not as grand as it sounds). IMG_4249compThen we went off to Tynemouth’s lifeboat station where quite a reception was laid on.

IMG_4250compCaroline is very down to earth, with a “can-do” attitude, and seems able to relate to anyone of any background. So she had no problems working the crowd. A lot of the activists were from Conservative Future, and it was good to see them turn up for this event, despite the short notice. IMG_4306compCaroline went out of her way to point out that they were not just the Conservative’s future, but also Britain’s future, one big reason why this election matters so much.

And here is the obligatory photo of me with another member of the Shadow Cabinet, I reckon I met more of them this week than David Cameron!


My final photo is actually quite remarkable since you won’t easily get all these northern women in the same place at once!IMG_4326comp IMG_4315comp From left, Caroline Spelman, Wendy Morton (Tynemouth candidate), Linda Arkley (Elected Mayor of Tynemouth) and Anne-Marie Trevelyan (Berwick candidate).