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Monday 12 April – the tall man

I guess Chris Grayling gets fed up of people commenting on his height, but he really is tall. He is also cool, cerebral and likeable, particularly on a one to one basis. Today I was asked to take the shadow Home Secretary around the North East, which we did at break-neck speed.

IMG_4213compFirst stop was Alnwick, where Anne-Marie was on good form as ever (she doesn’t seem to do Bad Days). Here we were avoiding any odd shaped vegetables. There was a town walkabout, which went well, it prompted one person to approach me saying he had just moved into the area and how did he register to vote. I gave him the relevant website address so I am fairly sure I’ve added at least one vote to Anne-Marie’s total. Incidentally the deadline is 20 April.

IMG_4233compThen we whizz down to Blaydon, or rather Gibside Hotel in Whickham, to meet Glenn Hall and some supporters who have managed to keep the Tory flame alight an area where we’ve never been strong.

IMG_4234compFinally down to Durham to meet David Skelton, who found a particularly good vantage point for the photo, under a cherry tree in full blossom. And here’s one of Chris Grayling with me.



Then the most important task of the day – leafleting Haltwhistle with Guy, Ian, Christine and Graham. It’s a bigger town than it looks, as everyone says. I now rather like the place (I vividly remember visiting it on a wet Sunday when I was a kid and that was somewhat offputting), despite its tradition of voting Labour, but it’s been a long day, so after thanking some supporters we head home. Haltwhistle has now been 100% covered by our leaflet networkers. Still no sign of a single Lib Dem or Labour poster yet…..