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Sunday 11 April – Barrasford but not as we know it

And so to Gosforth to help out Nick Holder, who is standing for the Conservatives in the new seat of Newcastle Central. Newcastle also has local elections for its unitary authority, and so for the first time I came across Labour and Lib-Dem election material. Incidentally I’ve still not seen a single poster for anyone other than the Conservatives – Vote For Change is well represented down the A68 and the A696.

with Matt Sinclair and Nick Holder (right).

with Matt Sinclair and Nick Holder (right).

Nick is a friend of mine and it was great for me to be able to help him out, rather than vice versa. I delivered 480 leaflets, which is somewhat short of my record (1000 in Norwich North, but that was a killer!), but still a good rate per hour. I was delivering to places that sounded very familiar to me, such as Chollerford Close and Barrasford Close. There were about 14 helpers today, including Peter and Terry from Hexham plus two candidates for Newcastle Council, Karen Jewers (West Gosforth) and Mehrban Sadiq (Wingrove).

I didn’t see many people outside, Gosforth is a bit slow on a Sunday morning! But one man doing some gardening took the leaflet, stared at it and said with admiration: ”that’s really local”. And so it was – the photo on the front of Nick Holder  had  been taken just in front of his house. I assured him that we didn’t have it specially printed for that street, though it’s technically possible to do that now on a cost effective basis.

Guy Opperman rings just after his appearance on the Politics Show, he is in good spirits (update: having watched it on Iplayer, I can see why!). So far the election seems to have gone well for us, at least we seem to be setting the agenda and everyone else then reacts to what we say. The Tory party machinery seems to be in robust health, which bodes well for the weeks ahead.