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Saturday 29 August – Carlisle and home

The last few days have been hectic. On the downside, Border Park has unfortunately had to cancel its Tens competition, scheduled for Monday. Try as hard as we might it was impossible to get enough teams to enter. The overwhelming reason given (to me at least) was that with most clubs having their first game this weekend, qualifiers in some cases, and the first league game next weekend, it was going to be too much of a distraction to get any focus on the Bank Holiday Monday. We will have to replan this later in the year, there are some “development” weekends mid season, which may be an option, or perhaps as the last game of the season. So my ear is on telephone meltdown at the moment.

More enjoyable, if hard work, was the Borderway Mart yesterday (Friday), where I was off to buy a Zwartbles tup. Prices were very mixed, and I couldn’t really see the pattern. Two prize winning rams got high but not record breaking prices - one at 1700 guineas and the other at 1800 gns from memory.  I got my tup, quite pleased with him, and 3 new ladies too, and I got them for a reasonable price, but there was quite a few younger beasts not getting 100 or even 80 guineas.

Today I’ve been worming the new additions and sorting out the paperwork.  I’ve got them in quarantine for a few days before letting them into the flock, it’s the first Zwartbles movement on to the farm for several years. The boy is quite a bit broader and taller than my others rams, but not as aggressive, thankfully.  The new ewes are also quite tall, they’ve got some good lines in them.

I also yomped across the fell today to talk to a contractor working next door, but got dragged into sheep herding duties by my neighbour who was bringing his lambs in for inspection. He has had some new fencing put in (which I knew about) which opened up a new pathway into the enclosure (which I did not know about), so I stood in the wrong place and the upshot was that the sheep went flying off in all directions. Never mind, we got it sorted in the end.

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