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Tuesday 20 October – Politics of the gutter

The phrase “politics of the gutter” is a popular one, it was most recently deployed over the Damian McBride affair (though I personally thought it was closer to the sewer). Here’s my spin on it. This photo is of my next door neighbour (4 miles away!), Dougie, at my farm:

dougieHis father used to be one of the farm’s shepherds (there were 4 of them at one point in addition to the farmer). So Dougie spent his childhood at the farm, and his younger brother was born in the building in the photo’s background. He still does the maintainance around the farm. I won’t embarrass him by revealing his age, I would probably have Age Concern onto me demanding to know why I’ve got OAPs clambering around my rooftops. However! A few weeks ago we had some strong gales and in the middle of the night I heard a mighty thump – my guttering came off one side of the house. Luckily it didn’t hit anything or anyone on the way done. As you can see they are quite serious gutters:

gutter Dougie came today to renew them. He told me he had a confession to make – he had put this original set of gutters up himself, he recognised the bracketing technique. Oh dear I said, when was this? His answer: 1949! So these gutters had survived for 60 – yes sixty years and were replaced by the same builder! I told him to book a date in the diary for 2069. The other odd thing is that the old gutters are worth a lot more as scrap now then they did as originals all those years ago, so invest in gutters!

So Tuesday saw me in Carlisle, Corby (again), Penrith, Wigton and .Skelton It’s hard work this campaigning lark!