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February 2020
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Friday 9 October – working everywhere

The day after the night before.

Today I had to do some “real” work for a change, so I lugged my laptop from Kelso, Langholm and then on to Longtown, meeting suppliers and their agents. This gave me the chance to go down the A7, a really beautiful stretch of road through the Scottish and then English Borders. The leaves on the trees are starting to change colour so if there’s a sunny day next week it should be even more beautiful a ride.

After work I went on to Reagill to sit in on a meeting with local residents campaigning against the Reagill/Sleagill wind turbines. I learnt a lot, and I’ve now got a lot of background material to get my head around. My thanks to Tom, Jason and Ian, I am amazed at how focused they are on handling a battle which has been thrown at them.

Finally off to the Penrith Conservative Club for a consoling drink with David Whipp.

On the drive home David Attenborough on Radio 4 gave a fascinating story about the Large Blue Butterflies. They died out in 1979 despite every effort to protect them. Very recently they found out why – it was well known these butterflies have a symbiotic relationship with ants, but only recently was it discovered that it was a very particular type of ant was needed. Furthermore that type of ant needs short grass to survive. In a well intentioned attempt to protect the butterflies’ habitat, the sheep were removed from their reservations, and out went the ants…. Luckily this research came at the right time, the butterflies have been restored from overseas stocks, and they – and the sheep – are thriving.

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