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Sunday 6 September – Ravenstonedale

And so over the Pennines for Sunday lunch with friends at the pretty village of Ravenstonedale between Tebay and Brough.

This was the blog that nearly didn’t get written.

I was running early for the appointed time, for once, so I was ambling along at about 45 mph heading eastwards from Tebay on the A685, the traffic seemed fairly quiet. I went around a corner by Newbiggin-on-Lune, and an overtaking car was coming straight at me. I braked, slowed down to 20 mph, and the oncoming car made it through the gap. “That was close”, I thought. Turned the next corner, less than a minute later, and exactly the same thing happened again. Only this time not only was the car MUCH closer, MUCH faster, but the driver was trying to overtake 2 caravans running together. I slammed on the brakes and came to a complete stop to narrowily avoid a head-on collision. Luckily the van driver behind me must have seen it too, so it ended up as a near-miss. The amazing thing about it was the man-in-a-hurry appeared to have his entire family with him.

I sincerely hope he was given a heavy counselling session by his family afterwards, it happened so quickly that I wasn’t even able to hit the hooter. Had I been a second or two further along the road I am certain there would have been a huge smack up. It’s crazy, OK it’s a single carriage A road, and following caravans can be tedious, but the M6 is only a few minutes away. And had the van driver not spotted what had happened, the chances are that he would have ended up paying for car driver’s stupidity.

Decisions decisions

Decisions decisions

So I was in a somewhat fragile state when I got to the Black Swan. But the prospect of a good Sunday lunch made all the difference – black pudding, roast beef and plum crumble. Not all at once! The Black Swan is a wonderful hotel, restaurant, bar and village shop all in one, and comes with the personal endorsement of the Prince of Wales.

Thankfully an uneventful drive home…

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