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Thursday 11 May – Leaked Labour manifesto

To some extent I don’t know why I’m commenting on the leaked Labour manifesto, reported on The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and the BBC. It is such a fantasy that there is no realistic danger of this document being implemented: there just isn’t the money to do it.

What is more revealing is that clearly someone inside the Labour Party thought the same thing and therefore leaked it to the media.

At the risk of stating the deeply obvious, this draft manifesto contains proposals which are hugely damaging to the people of the UK and hugely damaging to the residents of Wansbeck.

- Nationalising the railways and other industries – pure 1970s hogwash.
- Effectively inviting Europe’s leadership to reverse the Referendum on exiting the European Union by simply playing hardball
- Handing back to the Trade Unions the powers they used to wreck our economy in the 1970s
- Myriad uncosted proposals to expand the state – invoking a form of socialism which no other sensible European left-of-centre party would bother with.
- A non commitment on immigration (is it any different from Tony Blair’s open doors?)
- Defence, well I suppose we can be grateful Trident is in there, but goodness how mealy mouthed can they get?

Even I am beginning to wonder with Jeremy Corbyn is a secret Tory: we don’t have to make any of this up, no spinning required, they do it all for us! People who know me will be able to confirm that I have a lot of respect for Labour and its amazing heritage: I’m from a Labour voting family. But this manifesto totally traduces the legacy of Harold Wilson, Clement Attlee and James Keir Hardie.

Traditional Labour voters in Wansbeck: you certainly don’t need to take my word for it, read this for yourselves. This is your best opportunity to vote for the only party that can stop this nonsense. Lend us your votes in 2017, it’s the only way you’ll get your party back.

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