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Tuesday 5 May – Our new leaflet for Bedlington hits the streets

Just before the Make A Noise protest on Saturday, the Labour Party distributed a black and white leaflet throughout Bedlington, basically suggesting everything was now all arranged. Another reading would be “job done, now please get back in your box and shut up”. I paraphrase, naturally, but it’s not an unfair interpretation. Now I’ve seen leaflets from many, many parties, over many, many years, and I have say that Labour’s Bedlington leaflet takes the biscuit in terms of how not to communicate with voters.Bed leaflet2 5May15

So I got special permission from the Conservative Party to print and distribute an Eve of Poll leaflet – firstly to celebrate how well the Make A Noise gathering had gone, and also to make it clear that it certainly is not “job done”.

Doing an “Eve of Poll” for Bedlington is not normally what we would do, but our arguments to the Party were accepted without issue, indeed the leaflet was written this morning, and then distributed around Bedlington this afternoon. I’ve had several thousand leaflets done, and we are trying to get them out as much as we can over the next 24 hours, but the clock is against us somewhat. ┬áSo my apologies if we don’t get to you in time. We started down Hartford Road, over to Hassop Way, and we were doing Alnwick Drive and Dunstanburgh when bad light stopped play. We got over a thousand leaflets out today.

But if you want your own leaflet, then please click here. (500 kb approx. This PDF version has some typos that have been corrected in the printed version).

Earlier in the day, while waiting for the leaflet to go through, I spent the morning visiting the rural parts of Wansbeck. There are quite a lot of farms in the constituency, and I hope they aren’t overlooked. I started with the farms by Tranwell, then over to Hebron and Longhirst. Clearly the mining and port heritage of Wansbeck is well known, but there is more to the place than that.Tranwellhorse 5May15

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