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Saturday 2 May – We Made A Noise For Bedlington!

What a day! I will never forget the inaugural Bedlington Day – Saturday 2 May 2015. Over a thousand people were there to make a noise for Bedlington and what a noise it was. The church bells were drowned out by the cacophony. Whistles, vuvuzelas, brass band, calypso band, car horns, sirens, and a few more whistles!

The point about today was to demonstrate to anyone who was listening that Bedlington exists, has enormous pride in itself, and will not rest until it gets a fair deal.

The thing about being a Conservative is that we don’t tend to end up on demonstrations, for one reason or another. However when we do get invited, we get to the very best ones!

BedlingtonSpeakers 2May15BedlingtonDeserves 2May15

bedlingtoncrowd 2May15

It was good to see some of the other candidates there. Ian Lavery had a bit of a rough ride by some of the crowd. A cynical leaflet that Labour distributed a few hours before the demonstration was a big mistake, it certainly didn’t help matters. But it was to his credit that he was there and was prepared to take it on the chin. Peter Rand, from the United Reformed Church took this photo of us – this was not a party political event.

Melanie Hurst was also there – I know she doesn’t like loud noise situations but she stuck at it anyway. Where was the Green candidate? That surprised me. What didn’t surprise me in the least was the total absence of the Liberal Democrat candidate. This is quite disgraceful and is actually unhelpful to all the candidates: if people say politicians don’t really care about the voters, how can we reply if they don’t bother to turn up?

LaveryGalley 2May15

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