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July 2020
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About me

ChrisHere’s a bit more about me. I live in a remote corner of Northumberland on an upland sheep farm, 700 feet up in the Pennines, on the edge of Kielder Forest. For the technically minded, it’s a SDA and SDA Moorland farm, with Entry Level Stewardship and I’m on the Hill Farmers Allowance.  The farm is old, the place has been settled for a long time (probably since Roman times), and has featured in all the censuses since the first one in 1841. In addition to sheep, I’ve got some pigs, ponies, dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits. From time to time I also get in goats, ducks and turkeys. The farm is some way off the National Grid, so I have to generate my own renewable electricity; which I do via a set of photovoltaic solar panels, a discreet but high tech wind turbine, an inverter and a battery set. Water comes from a nearby spring. There’s an elderly Rayburn which warms the place slightly, though the fireplace does a better job. No neighbours for several miles, and it’s as peaceful as it all sounds. Except for the howling wind….

I am a member of Border Park Rugby Club, the NFU, the National Sheep Association, the Zwartbles Sheep Association, Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs), the Church of England and the Conservative Party.

I also work for Shell, as the company’s global distribution scheduling manager – in other words transporting oil products to customers. I have worked extensively overseas and offshore, and I’ve lived in France, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, the Lebanon and the United States. I’ve been in the company for 25 years now, and I’ve got a lot of experience in staff management, budget control, fleet operations, logistics planning and oil products manufacturing. I am also a qualified project manager.

I worship at my local Anglican church (built by the Mitford family, as in those sisters…) though I have a Quaker background, partly influenced by the Sea of Faith movement.
Rochester Church

My other interests are rugby, music and politics, about which you’ll find details elsewhere on this website.